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Yea ok some are mechanically inclined while some arent or just dont have the right tools. I just bought a car and had to pay for someones dead weight debts So im in need of cash. I am ASE certified in A4-A5, have obtained a vocational certification and work for Headquarter Toyota. As so willing to do side jobs, to give just an idea, vehicle work such as suspension/steering (tie rods in/out, struts........) engine (head gaskets....) trannys.... list goes on. I have all the tools and will do it at a cheap a** rate sine im alittle desperate. Also I do painting at cheap a** prices/rates again. I have a tent, HVLP gravity feed guns (1.3, 1.4, 1.7 off the top of my head). The whole car, or just a bumper whatever works under a 10 by 20 tent. I personally wont be doing the painting since thats not what i do, I have someone whos been doing it for yrs on in. I can personnally guarantee no bullshit. Would prefer to do paint jobs, if you refer others I will discount your price.

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