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mice in the air

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I was experiencing some laggin in throttle response. I asked my dad about it. He said to check the fuel,and air filter. I decided to buy a new airfilter,fuelfilter,oil filter and 5 quarts of oil. WHen to put in the easiest first, the oild filter. Opend up the airbox took out filter and BAM 2 dead fucking mice. one was like all skeleton, and the other must have just died. they crawled in through the part where it sucks the air in from. I think I am going to put some screen on it till I make my cold air intake.
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that's worse then

found at the Team Sol Indy goes to Lebanon Ohio meet.
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wait, wtf is that shiat? eheh
gold said:
wait, wtf is that shiat? eheh
thats the bird we pulled from jims radiator when we installed his crackpipe aem intake

Lars I almost completely forgot about that
Oh, damn! I remember that picture of the dead bird! That's pretty must up!

Flamereka: Your del Sol must have some attraction to mice! :D Not just one, but two?! :eek: Get one of those gutter guards from Home Depot! :D
Got pics? :D
wow, cant say ive ever heard of anythign like that b4
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