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OK Boostfed Racing is sponsoring a Dyno/Tuning Day(s). We are bringing out the one and only st00pid WORLD RENOWNED MASTER Hondata, NepTune and just about all Standalone TUNER to Virginia and set for Friday April 15th to Saturday April 16th. We will add a day or two IF the number of people who sign up exceeds what can be done in two days. We want to book about 6-7 MAX per day so AGAIN if we have say more than 15 people signed up and deposit made we will open up the other days which will be Thursday April 14th and if need arise Wednesday April 13th. Tuning will be done on a Dyno Dynamics dynamometer
The Dyno Day will be held at DTP Racing in Chesapeake Virginia (757)549-DYNO If anyone needs directions or info please contact me Terry (757)343-1123, AIM Boostfed12 , PM or email [email protected]

Cost will be a FLAT FEE for st00pid's tuning of $300 PLUS dyno time, up to first hour $100 and then charged per 15 minutes there after. For people who are getting Neptune add $150 for the system. Jason aka st00pid asks that if you are gonna get Neptune PLEASE ship the ecu to him prior to this date to have the ecu socketed, same goes for anyone needing Hondata, please contact me and I will get you set up too. Please have ALL CARS in good running order with a recent tune up, bring any necessary spare parts, plug wires, distributors if you have them(they go out some time)spare spark plugs, oil, coolant etc etc. The time starts when you car is strapped down, we want to make everything go as smoothly as possible. We will bring some things like 3 Bar Map Sensors and injectors for those that need to swap these out. We ask that most of this be down prior to the date BUT in a case where you have a base map and need to change Map Sensors or injectors it is understandable.

We are asking for a non refundable deposit of $100 made prior to these dates to lock you in. We should have a very GOOD TIME and hopefully a BIG TURNOUT! st00pid does like the Dyno Dynamics and prefers it, it has many cool features which you can look up on the website. I am contemplating having Food and Drinks Catered, maybe some GOOD Barbecue!!! Please get in touch whoever is interested. Chesapeake Virginia is right next to Virginia Beach a few hours from most of NOVA and MD and DC, also NC and SC, TN etc etc.

Any parts needed prior to dyno day please feel free to contact me, since st00pid is very very very busy he prefers everyone to contact me on any scheduling and parts needs or questions unless it gets too difficult for Boostfed aka me(shouldn't be too hard to go over my head )

JUST FYI this is not just Hondata and Neptune but also ANY I said ANY Engine Management System!!! So if you have one st00pid will tune it!!!
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