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hey guys,

my car's got some minor mods, and im thinking about selling it. heres the info:

97 black civic ex, auto
105k miles on chasis, 40k on motor (put a 98 ex motor in @ 97k)
neuspeed sports/tokico blues
aem cai
a'pexi n1 catback
dc-sports 4-1
99-00 taillights
clear heads
fiber-images cf hood
wings west touring wing
17x7 adr dtm's (white)
yokohama avid h4
brembo crossed drilled rotors
pbr metal pads
misc. strut bars
zex kit (never used)

should i sell as is? theres some minor dings here and there, one of the fenders has a little patch of rust on it, but i bought a new oem one, just havent put it on yet. i wouldnt take anything off (hood/rims) bc the next car im looking at wont be able to use them. btw, i have all the stock parts (minus the exhaust), should i put it back to stock? how much should i ask? thanks guys!

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well, i don't see anything wrong with the ride you have but it sounds like you're shootin' for bigger and better things so i say, part it out. don't sell it all together cause:

a. it's so hard to find other import racers that'll buy a car ALREADY modded out, so they can't mod it out themselves
b. it's so much easier to find "daddy's girls" (NO offense to ANY girl racers here) who want civics right outta high school but STOCK.
c. you can get some nice money for the parts you'd sell (i.e. CF hood, i/h/e, rims/tires, etc.)

good luck

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yeah, i was thinking about that, but i know how much of a pain in the ass itd be to take everything off, and put the stock parts back on. some of my frat brothers offered me anywhere from $5-7k for the car as is. is that too much/low? im not looking to make any money off of this, i just need a decent amount to put towards my new car. thanks guys!
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