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mileage question

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in my fren's 99 honda accord sedan. he has a switch where he can turn off the mileage from going up and everything else still works fine. starting from 98-on all the accords uses a digital mileage display. does anyone know how to reset the mileage or stop it from going up where the speedometer and rpm and all the other shit still works?
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That my friend, is called illegal. If you or your friend dont want to put miles on your accord, go buy a 90 accord with 200k already on it and drive that.
if I knew I wouldnt tell...U will figure out what I mean when U buy a car with 50k on it and carfax says its got 200k
yeah...if i knew i would not tell you...if you guys are trying to do what i think you are trying to do...that sux...its just as bad as stealing...
and imagine jus trying to decide when ur next oil change is..d=p
man nevermind yall. me n my friend figured it out already.
this is why you buy a car that some 60 year old lady drove that was garaged in the winter u dont have to worry about stupid shit like this.
ILLEGAL, you will be caught. The mileage is recorded by the computer, if the car is hooked up to diagnostic machine and the numbers dont match-you'd be busted. So even if the odometer isnt turning, the computer knows how many miles are realy on the car. If you want lower miles, get some 35inch swampers on your car, for every 10 miles you go it will only show 5.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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