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Got the following for sale.....

-Greddy type S BOV (good working condition, some scratches on top of purple cap, nothing major). $125obo (shipped)

-Apex turbo timer (slim pen style, silver) $70 shipped

-Manual boost controller, bought at road race engineering (not turbonetics, but works just the same). Great working order, nothing wrong. Universal application $50 obo shipped

-Pair of Front seats for accords (came out of a 96, will fit 94-97, and probably 91-93 as well). Light tan/beige, came out of white accord. Great condition, no rips, tears, stains, just need a good home. $250 obo so cali only, no shipping.

-Pair of power stock 94-97 accord mirrors (came off a 4dr, but i think will fit 2dr). Heather mist silver metallic factory color for 96-97, paint in very clean condition. $150 shipped

-Greddy GREX chrome shift knob, like new $40 (on hold, but may be up for sale again)

-Stock accord fenders for 5th gens, heather mist silver metallic (factory 96-97 color). (still have graphics on from my old graphics scheme, just vinyl, easily removed) Good condition, so cali only, no shipping $100/pair obo

-Stock 5th gen USDM headlights (top nipples shaved off for eyelids) great working conditino, no moisture buildup inside, no discoloration. With corners, and bulbs $75 pair, plus shipping obo

-96-97 accord red/clear 4pc tails. Modified stock tails, not aftermaket. Clean job, no moisture etc... $75 obo plus shipping

-Tokico blue non-adjustable shocks for accord 91-97, came off of my 5th gen. Good working order, i just switched to koni adjustables, needed to change the ride height a bit. Not blown
$225 for set of 4, plus shipping, so cali preferred

-5th gen accord A/C condenser w/pully so cali only $50 obo

-5th gen accord power steering pump w/pully so cali only $50 obo
(I also have the majority of the rest of the power steering system, including reservoir, and misc. hoses)

-Autometer phantom vaccum gauge $28 shipped.

-Autometer phantom Volts gauge $28 shipped.

-Honda MAP sensor good working condition $45 shipped

-Honda TPS sensor (came off of accord, should fit many other hondas) $45 shipped, working condition.

-Lastly, I have a RCA video signal booster, 12volt, needed to run multiple TVs in you car, to boost the video power RCA signal, to achieve even clearity throught all the TVs. Usually used with 2 or more TVs. I think it's made by Lanzar, but not sure.
$25 shipped

I will trade any of the above for items that I am looking for. I could use a new (or at least very clean )JDM red H22 valve cover, heat shield for t3-t4 turbo (polished stainless or aluminum), Misc. interior trim pieces and garnishes (email me for info, and they have to be the light sand tan out of 5th gens.), stock accord manual 5th gen gauge cluster complete, JDM gauge cluster sir or regular JDM.

email me at [email protected] or at [email protected]

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