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00' MR EM1
B16 Turbo

Mishimoto Radiator (Civic) - bought from
12" Slim Fan (1300 CFM) 2.5" Depth - bought from

My whip is a daily driven boosted EM1 and a better cooling system is always a plus to have, especially with increased underhood temps an aftermarket radiator should be on your list of upgrades. I've listed the websites/store that I ordered my parts from and rest assured that if you decide to order through the same stores you'll find good customer service and quick shipping, but then again that depends if they have to products in stock or not.

STOCK vs Mishimoto

As you can see from the photos below the new setup is much more compact vs the stock setup. This makes more room, and also cleans up the engine bay. The stock radiator CORE is 5/8" compared to the 2" Mishimoto core it's obvious that there are some cooling benefits here. The thickness numbers might not matter to some but if your boosted then you'll know that every inch counts! The stock OEM fan appears to be 12" the Slim Fan that I'm using is also 12" I'm not sure how much air the OEM fan will flow, but the Slim Fan is supposed to flow 1300 CFM as a puller and can also be wired to run as a pusher and flow 1400 CFM. The Slim Fan comes from the factory setup as a puller, to change to a pusher type you need to switch the wiring (opposite puller) and flip the blade on the fan as indicated with the provided instructions with the fan.

wiring up the fan is simple, two wires... if you can't figure this out then your gay :ghey: I cut the plug on the OEM fan and wired it up to the Slim Fan so I can disconnect the plug if I ever need to remove the fan for better access to the trans bolts or whatever, do it however you want. When the fan did come on it's not nearly as loud as the OEM fan. The fan is so cheap, and works great if your using your AC then you should get a fan for your condensor too.


Ht: 17" Width: 15" Core thickness: 5/8"
Total depth including OEM Honda fan is about 6"


Ht: 16.5" Width: 14.5" Core thickness: 2"
Total depth including Slim Fan about 4.25"


Install time is easily an hour or less, very easy even you newbies can do it. You should probably note that you can only use the Mishimoto radiator cap that comes with the radiator, its a 1.1bar cap. Stock OEM hoses will fit, I've heard from others that OEM hoses do not fit, that is incorrect. The Slim Fan should come with mounting hardware to secure the fan to the radiator. The fan is outfitted with what appears to be holes to mount your OEM fan to the Mishimoto radiator, I don't know for sure, I didn't bother trying to fit the OEM fan onto the Mishimoto radiator. My Samco hoses didn't arrive when I decided to install the radiator, otherwise I would have included that with my review.

After the install the new cooling setup the fan doesn't come on nearly as much as the previous OEM setup, and when it does the noise level is significantly less then OEM. The car does run cooler when compared to stock not to mention the polished aluminum adds some bling points to the engine bay. I hope this helps your decision, I've had no problems with the install, neither should you. Remember to solder your wiring connections, I had to through that in, I can't handle micky mouse installs common to ricer rides.

Slim Fan $50.00
Mishimoto Radiator $150.00

total cost for better setup just over $200.00, can't beat that! good luck Mishimoto FTW!! :number1

*the finished product.

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shipping wasn't that bad. Considering that I live in Hawaii, it'll probably be cheaper to you
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