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Q2 P.C. said:
Fawkin' pussies.They pulled out of the 2003 WRC to R&D a car for 2004.:rolleyes:

they were in WRC, just not the full season. i didnt make sense that they participate without a major sponsor or a capable driver line up now would it?
they also had an out of spec car. they had been running the evo to old specs for a long time. the tranfer to newer WRC rules was not going smooth.

to me, Mitsu NA should not pull out of SCCA rally, not when they are building a reputation in America. i mean its getting so much more coverage now. many speculate they are afraid of Subaru NA finally running the STI's next year which they havent done. this may prove alot to handle in the open class. Mitsu may want to fall out on top.

what i have seen is that they have put the cars up for sale at some cheap as hell prices. Know a few people with interest in them and have already checked it out. also know of a company that is not at all happy with the situation as they were contracted in the building of several more.
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