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mitsubishi turbo td04hl-16t good or not for a custom turbo setup?

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i just buy this unit(very cheap price(150$) (mitsubishi td04hl-16t whit only 2000miles on) from a junkyard near my home this unit came from a volvo 850t-5
do you think this turbo will be good for a custom turbo kit?its for a b18c
there some spec i just found on the web!
"...the T-5 and T-5R uses the Mitsubishi TD04HL-15G turbo with a 150/40 wastegate and thats a small compressor. The R and S70 T-5 uses Mitsubishi TD04HL-16T with a 218/60 wastegate, these cars use the same turbines but diffrent compressors to be able to increase the power from 240 -250 hp without exceeding the maximum rpm on the turbo. You´r talking about the increas of powewr in the LPT engines, why they only can increase the power up to approximatrly 230 hp is that the turbo is too small"

(the following come from mitsubishi web site!!!!)
"organization output(ps)22-100
amount of exaust(cc) 1.500cc
highest rotation speed(rpm) 200000
highest temp of gas(centigrade) 200,000
maximum compression ratio 2.4"

" The TD04hl family is probably comparable to the Garrett T28"(garrett T28 can produce up to 630 cfm ans is good of 350-375 hp range)

"The latest development involves higher technology internal parts that increase the efficiency range of the turbos. One such development is the ball bearing center cartridge. Ball bearing center cartridges spool up faster and are able to spin to higher rpm without overheating. . The TD04HL series by Mitsubishi is fitted to some late model Saabs and is also a higher efficiency range turbo that can spin to much higher rpm than an ordinary TD04H. I assume it has some sort of ball bearing center section".

so what you think about this unit?????????
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b16a 2 b18c said:

" The TD04hl family is probably comparable to the Garrett T28"(garrett T28 can produce up to 630 cfm ans is good of 350-375 hp range)

i dont think so... the t-28 is more like the 16g, which comes on the evo... that turbo has a little less top end, but spools up quicker... (full boost at less than 3000 rpms) the t-28 from forced performance ( produced a gsx to run high 11's... i seriously doubt these 2 turbo's -TD04 and t28 are nearly the same...
Not sure on the comparison but the Super 16G (basically a ported 16G) was producing over 300hp at 18psi on my friend 4G63.
Yeah it would do you very well, a nice medium sized turbo, I know of a b16 using a t-28 and its all good. But you need to check very throughly the condition of the turbo, because ball bearing turbos cannot be rebuilt, throw away units once past use by date. By the way GTIR nissan pulsars use the T-28 and can easily produce 200kw at the wheels, so the turbo if anything like a t-28 will put out 350hp easily i'd say.
a t28 i believe would be the same turbo that is used in the greddy sohc turbo kit....good for up to around 275-300 to the wheels

its only 15mm... not worth putting on your car, maybe a motorcycle. u should get at least 30mm for ur car... better yet, 50 trim would do the trick... that 15mm would work its little heart out for the boost you want
It's decent for a SOHC engine. You would need more for a DOHC engine.
It will be a decent little street turbo, make enough power to put you in the 12s for sure.
if i were you i wouldnt use that turbo on your setup just save the money and go bigger youll be happier if not youll be in this situation:bash
Way to bring back a 6 yr old thread, with a bunch of wrong info. Hahhaha t28 flowing 630CFM <--hahahahaha
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