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moisture in headlights... help

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hey i washed my car and now there is moisture in my headlights. I took a hairdryer to it and it went away but then came back later that day. there has only been moisture in there for less than a day. Will it go away on its own? do i need to put the hair dryer in there longer? what should i do? thanks
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I imagine you are referring to a 6th or 7th gen. Civic?

Did you clear your head lights? If so, you may want to add more silicone to the connections. I noticed this in mine once. I just try not to spray towards the head lights for to long and I dry them first
i had that problem on the old prelude ... the dealer took care of it for me for free when i had a free oil change.
pop the headlights in the oven(not sure which temp but a low one) then check them every so often and see if you can GENTLY pry the housing apart. It takes to sets of hands, and a flathead screwdriver--dont pry to hard though. then wipe them clean/ use windex and a lint free rag. then put the housing back togheter and put silicon all the way around the housing. use quite a bit. but dont over do it.
good luck
LX98..............................i did clear em out and i put silicone all around, everywhere. Will it go away on its own?
all i can say
it takes time to clean them

I saw..Take off your headlights..a nd Put them towards the sunlight..

the sun will naturally dry them and it will be clean

It happened to my headlights.. but went away without a Speack
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