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Sigh, what a difference over OEM. Wrapped in leather, very easy to grip, its hard to let go of it once your hand is on there.

I got mine new from a buddy who sold his car before he could install it, but i think they run for around $190ish +-.

The hub that you need for it is like $30 which is separate, and the steering wheel column plastic needed to be shaved slightly to fit the hub into a del sol, but anyone who can slice cheese and do this.

The install of the wheel itself onto the hub is (6) allen screws, and the kit probably comes with the wrench itself...I had to use my own where it was a pre-owned kit...but they are pretty small, so make sure the one u use it the right fit, for obvious reasons.

No airbag, but chances are if I crash I'm gonna die anyways, lol :p

I give it an 8.5/10 with the Dark_Sol seal of approval...
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