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Good Evening Everyone!

Hope y'all are enjoying your week so far, I just wanted to update you guys that something big is coming to the Accord build! Can you guess what it is?! (Hint: more power)

The big reveal will be on the next video so make sure to stay tuned :)~
Also, I announced yesterday that channel memberships are active now! I already have 2 weeks worth of member-only content and it'll be available as soon as members start joining. Another huge perk for members are the member-only discounts to vendors that are useful to basically any car owner! With these exclusive discounts, you will save more than the membership fee guaranteed. Channel members will also be able to directly decide certain mods/videos for the channel. I think this is a huge incentive since many owners look for examples/information on builds before doing it to their own car!

All of membership proceeds will be used for content and will greatly help with bigger projects such as engine work or forced induction. Please consider being a channel member if you like the content, are interested in the J-Series platform and want to directly support/fund content!

Truly appreciative/grateful to have this opportunity/platform, y'all are awesome :)

Join as a channel member here:

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