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aight...damn...some of that stuff is expensive...wut about some headers...what do those run? wut brand whould i get? i already have stock factory shocks...should i get new ones with the springs? if so wut kind? and the last thing for now...a spoiler...does it matter wut kind i get?
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unless you plan to go really really fast...which accords usually dont do, spoilers dont matter
what year is your car? if depends on how low you drop your car as to whether you NEED new shocks, but i would recommend getting them anyway. and as for a spoiler, get whichever one you like best. i would reccommend an OEM one.
Spoilers can only hurt the performance of our cars. They add extra weight and since our cars are FWD, the spoiler would create lift in front when going fast providing less traction to the drive wheels.
What are u looking for, speed or looks. either way, it can be spendy. hehe ltes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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