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Will the polyurethane motor mounts from a 92-96 H22 lude fit in a 5th gen prelude? Are there any other urethane parts that are interchangeable?

I am trying to cure a case of chronic wheel hop. Any suggestions will be welcomed. I have had a hell of a time trying to find any polyurethane for my car.

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Thats not where your probably getting your wheel hop.

One is suspension...two is wheel profile and brand (main cause) The lower the profile the better.

As well as your caster above the wheel....most cars you really cant change or fix this. Unless you got lots of money.....(only drag cars go for this). And i think they move the arm towards the rear of the car.....which makes it harder to handle on its your choice. (ps i might be totally wrong on this...its been awhile)

As for engine mounts....they will just tranfer lots of vibrations into your chassis....making chassis maitanence a big well as it wont be solving much of your wheel hop problem.

Also one note *even full out top-fuel dragsters will get wheel-hop and they are setup against it bigtime....anytime you have flexy rubber and lots of power....youll have hop....*

On the other hand if you went solid everything , it would be like a flintstone car....probably shaking the car apart.
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