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motor mount inserts

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I attempted to install the energy suspension bushing motor mount insert kit in my car today, but the passenger-side inserts did not fit inside my stock motor mounts. Has anyone else had this experience? I have a 1997 Civic EX (d16y8) and the kit was part # 16-1105. According to Energy Suspension's website, that is the correct kit for my car. Are you supposed to modify anything before installation?

I installed a short throw shifter and ever since my shifts have not been great. Sometimes at lights, I can't get the car into gear, so it was recommended that I install the energy suspension kit and the neuspeed shifter bushing kit too. The neuspeed kit was great, but the energy suspension kit won't fit.

Any suggestions?
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Are you sure that you are installing the correct one into that side? I remember that my GSR mounts were slightly different and couldn't easily be swappable from side to side.

First off, you have to make sure you are using the correct mounts (driver or passenger side). Second, each mount has two inserts (one peice to the inside and the other peice to the outside of the mount). Make sure the correct one goes to the inside and the other peice goes to the outside of the mount. That way you will have a full insert on eah side of the mount.

Did you get the other side of the mount on though?
I tried all six inserts on the passenger side trans mount, and none fit. I put the car back together after that. It definitely doesn't fit. I was genius w/ putting the square block in the square hole when I was a kid :)

I just thought that for some reason I have different mount in my car. I dunno
So that means you didn't even bother doing the other mounts? Thats odd that it didn't fit?
you won't believe how dumb I am. i was trying to install the mount inserts in the wrong mount. I was trying to install them on the transmission mount. duh
As for the short shifter....get rid of it! Doesn't matter what kind it is, they are junk and if you are not careful you will end up ruining your synchros. If you want the look of a shorter shifter, just chop a couple inches off of the stock shifter and bolt a Momo shift knob on it. I just think that short throw shifters are bad news.
Sorry I forgot to mention that both the ES mounts are the ones below the car where the two front wheels are. The tranny mount and the side mount is the two top mount.

Good to know that you got it though. Prothane makes the tranny mount and I got it on my car also! Yup both sets of mounts!
Didn't have any trouble with those ES mounts. They work great too!!!
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