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motor swapping d16z6 to f22

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i have a 1993 civic with a d16z6 and i cant seam to get any parts for it. so i am looking at a f22b2 from a 1994 honda accord... can ne1 tell me what dohc head will fit on the f22 block... and if the f22 will bolt directly into the civic....

ok i know from looking at the bolt patters that the tranny from d16z will not fit f22b so i need the tranny also... can i use stock civic CV joints or do i need accord CV joints

will there be any need or wire harness mods to put the f22 in the civic

i think that prity much covers it..

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I can tell you for certain it wont bolt in directly, its to wide like an h22. SO you will be banging fender walls. also i dont think any head will swap onto it except the accord sohc vtec head thats it. you wont be able to use the civic axles. I think you would have to use LS axles but im not sure. as far as wiring im not too sure...But since your car is alread vtec i think the wiring would be fairly similar bhut not exactly the same.....why do you want to put the accord motor in the civic????
none of the local parts houses can get the parts i need to rebuld my d16z6 and i can get the accord motor for 200 bux... i found one guy that can get the parts i need but he wants like 1200 bux for all the parts... bad deal i know it should not be no more that 600 bux to rebuld that motor...
where do you live???that shop is dicking you
morgan city louisiana... we have a autozone and advanced auto here but neather can get parts for d16 the shop that can get the parts is a headshop ... he says that all that stuff is spical order... thats y its so much...

what motors will fit into a civic that is direct bolt in... i would realy like to just get a bigger motor... this car is my project car i have a honda accord as my every day driver.. i only paid 500 bux for the civic... because the a valve droped ontop the #2 pistion...
To fit an F22 into your civic, it will be the same as swaping an h22.
You will need engine, tranny, shiftlinage, custom mounts, axles, rechip your stock ecu, modify your stock engine harness, cut a hole in your floor to run the cable shift linkage, get a thinner radiator fan, etc, etc.
Not worth it in my opinion.
I would either swap in another d series w/ lower miles or do an ls swap. They are very simple (no wiring changes) and can be found for pretty cheap.
I think the D16Z6 is FAR better then the F22. If you think it's hard to get parts for the D16Z6 then you haven't really been looking hard enough. There are all kinds of engine builders online that can suply you with anything you need for the D16Z6. is just one.

wouldnt a f22 run faster in a civic then a d16 would?
A stock f22 in a civic might be faster than stock d16. It puts out a little more power, but there is a big weight difference between the two. That really isnt the point, though. The point is, is it worth it?
The answer is no.
For the price of getting the f22 and all extra stuff you would need to make it fit, you could easily build a d16 motor that would destroy the f22.
Plus, there are alot more perfromace mods available for the d series.
yes it would pose a problem doing all the mods i think if i were to put the f22 into the civic i would just go with a h22... (point taking ) y work 10 times as hard for only a few hp the reasion i was thinking of getting the f22 is i could get the compleat car for 200 bux... the car was hit from behind... would give me everything i need to do the swap but motor mounts....

ok lets go to the next question.. what motors will bolt into the civic and how much hp do they put out... it seams this is going to turn into a project car so lets see what options are there

i would like to go V-tec and the biggest motor i can stuff into the civic without beating in my finders....
Im not sure which motors bolt in with out mount kits. But the top 3 motors I would go with are

the b16 is cheap and easy to find and has a lot of potential to put a lot of power down

if you do ls/vtec forget about doing forced induction. Frankenstein motors dont take forced induction to well

lastly theres the b18c, its really over priced for the amount of power gains...I'd honestly pass it up. But it is a good power plant to build from

either the b16 of b18c will take minimal amounts of forced induction on stock internals but beware of the b16's high compression..with forced induction its easy to blow a hole in one of the pistons if your not careful
or just drop an ls in there, then down the road if you want turbo slap that on or go ls\vtec. But if the shops down there aren't smart enough to find parts for d series engines i wouldn't have any of them do it. I'd go with an ls either way you go it's a great block, especially for a turbo setup.
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