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moving to arizona

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hi. i might be moving to arizona soon. im not sure where or when i havent gotten all the details from my mother yet. but i was wondering how the import scene was in arizona. i know there is a teamdelsol chapter there. are the cops there jerks about exausts and other mods to your cars. i know up here in new hampshire they pull us over all the time and they arnt handing out warnings ethier. like i said before just wondering what it is like out there thanks
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i just found out one of my best high school friends is moving to arizona tomorrow, i'm gonna have to go see him before he leaves
im from az, i love it there. im going there in april on leave, im in the military. lots of imports, lots of ricers too. i never got in trouble with my exhaust, its pretty loud too, tanabe. awesome weather, top down almost all year long.
im moving to az in may too. gonna transfer colleges. goin to asu this falls semester.
A buddy of mine lives in tuscon. I went out there last summer and there were some nice imports. I even saw a couple of sol's.
I live in Mesa, Az (suburb of Phoenix) and hte Import scene out here is pretty good...but along with the god import scene they're are a lto or RICER'S exhaust is pretty loud and I haven't been pulled over for that or any reason on my Sol so it's all is deadly HOT here in the summer though, usualyl around 105~115 degrees but other than that it's prett good down here.......Later......
sweet. we will mot def have to meet up there or sumthing w/ our sols.
im moving to az too! im getting a place in scottsdale!
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