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dstrout said:
Let me start by saying that this is my first post, and I'm very new to the import scene, so much or all of what I say / ask may be clueless. So small words would be appreciated ;) I did check the archives & didn't see anything, but I may have missed it...

I just bought a '93 del sol s with the D15b7 motor (126K miles), automatic transmission, and a busted A/C. It's my new daily driver, and I'm getting about 33 mpg going 75 miles @ < 25 mph and 25 miles at 70 mph per day. That's quite a bit better than my ford explorer on the same trip...

Anyway, it's going to cost me close to $1K to fix the A/C -- about $300 in parts & $700 in labor. So I think to myself "Gee, for another $900 in parts, I can get a JDM B16 with <60K miles and an A/C compressor that works, and for another $500 in labor, there's a shop in town (Baltimore) that will put it in".

I'll be staying with an auto tranny (please don't yell at me -- see the part about 70 mi / day at < 25 mph). I'm not looking for a 12 sec car, just one that merges & cruises comfortably.

So, my question is, what would a D15 -> B16 swap do to my mpg? Would the car still be sensible as a commuter car? I'd prob look to de-tune it enough to run on 87 octane, if possible, to save $$. Or should I just fix the A/C and leave it alone, at least until the D15 dies, if it ever does.

All comments appreciated.
I hope that whoever is doing this swap for you knows what they are doing. Auto B swaps are a pain in the ass to wire up. Auto D & B wiring is totally different. You can't run 87 on a B16, even if you retard the timing to the max. If you're looking to save gas, just get a newer SOHC swap. 96+ SOHC are way peppier than the older SOHC.
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