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dstrout said:
Heh -- no A/C is not an option -- I live in Washington DC. 'nuff said for a daily driver...

I've actually pretty much decided to go with a mini-me set up, and boost it to 180-ish HP. That should be a bit zippyer, and I can do that cheaply over time. Someday I'll do the B-swap, but not yet...

I don't think you can boost on 87 octane. The automatic transmission will fail, but you probably know that. In Hondas, manual transmissions are consistently a second faster 0-60 than automatic, so man up and learn stick. You'll get better gas mileage, too.

If you really want auto, then a USDM auto LS motor/tranny can be had for less than a manual LS or B16, since people like to get rid of them for GSR swaps.
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