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which is the better thing to get, the MSD-6BTM with boost timing control for $320, or the jackson racing BTC for like $450. i know the btc has better controll with 1/10th of a degree increments, but it costs more for the more precise control, and you dont get the new ignition. The MSD however starts at 1 degree of retard per pound of boost, and that seems like a lot of retard to me. with that you also get the comfort of a stronger ignition. Which do you think is better? reason I'm askin is cuz im gonna up my boost here in a few months and wanted to know which to get.
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On the MSD you can start from 0-3 so you can even have 0.5 per pound of boost. I had mines at 1.5, but turnned it down to 1. I just went with whats cheaper. But paid $400 for my MSD ??? :confused: ???
thanks, i didnt know you could adjust in smaller increments than 1, that helps out a lot

its the root of all troubles with a JRSC. Use teh JR one.

csufweed said:
its the root of all troubles with a JRSC. Use teh JR one.
Don't know about 6-btm worked just fine on a b16. But I would still agree about going with the JR. It does some other little things with the timing besides just a straight line boost/retard.

And the adjustment on the MSD is continuously variable, not stepped.
I would go for the J&S Ultra safeguard v.2 instead of any of those. "Ultra SafeGuard Versions 1 & 2

Pictured above is the new Version 2 Ultra SafeGuard designed for Turbocharged Import applications. Both Version 1 (JRSC/Honda/Miata) and the Version2 (Turbo Import) pictured are a quantum leap over our previous SafeGuard units. In as much as our original SafeGuard was far more sophisticated than any competitive unit...actually we don't think they had any real competition as they were the only form of closed loop timing control that allowed optimized individual cylinder ignition timing, we decided to up the ante and combine many new functions into our new Ultra SafeGuard. By building in an onboard MAP Sensor you can now dial in retard start points as well as degrees of retard relative to boost. In addition, our Version 2 has a MAP limiter circuit (electronic check valve) that limits the maximum voltages the vehicle's ECU sees to prevent error codes and check engine light events. An additional feature on both versions is an integral Knock Moitor LED whose brightness is in proportion to knock retard. Version 2 has cylinder selection switches that allow the user to select 4, 5, 6 or 8 cylinder operation. Version 1 allows for user selection of 4 and 6 cylinder operation and also has a forced induction/normally aspirated switch which allows for electronic vacuum advance on high compression engines. Our experience with applications from Jackson Racing, Kenne Bell, Vortec, and Paxton superchargers as well as numerous turbocharger specialists have refined our product to this latest incarnation, the new Ultra SafeGuard.................The J&S SafeGuard harnesses the power of the microprocessor to allow your modified high output engine to run normal ignition advance for optimum responsiveness. Since the SafeGuard is a closed-loop control system using modern knock sensors as a feedback mechanism you no longer have to turn dash mounted knobs, twist distributors, or even second guess the future with a PC programmable device. Hundreds of times per second your J&S Safeguard will both monitor and adjust your engine's ignition timing on a cylinder by cylinder basis. If you think you can twist a dash mounted knob to retard the timing in cylinder number four at eight pounds of boost with a coolant temperature of "x" at 6385 rpm on a day where the temperature is 92 degrees farenheit and the relative humidity is "y" and the car is in third gear on a 6% grade at 1600 feet altitude....well, you're first in line for the next Superman movie. You probably "get" the idea, it would sure be a lot easier to let the microprocesor retard cylinder number four a very specific two degrees, six degrees or whatever and leave the driving to us."

You can read more here I have one and it's great.
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I'm selling my v.2 UltraSafeguard if anyone is interested. It's still new in box never used. I'll let it go for $500 (cheaper than the groupbuys on it). Email, PM, or AOLIM exciv2000 for more information.
i didnt even think about the ultra safeguard, i think im goinna go with that
T-tec said:
i didnt even think about the ultra safeguard, i think im goinna go with that
want mine? Here's more details on it:

I have a brand new never used J&S UltraSafeguard version 2 with a dual monitor display. Everything in the package/box just like it was sent to me. Was going to install it eventually but never got around to it, and now I've got some other plans for the car.
Read about the SafeGuard here:
Read about the Dual Monitor here:

This will work with any N/A, turbo, or Supercharged automobile. It's really an amazing piece of work, and I've heard nothing but good things about it.

Here is the current groupbuy price on them:
J&S Ultra Safeguard Version 2 - $595.00 - $505.00
J&S Dual Monitor - $199.00 - $165.00

That's a total of $670 dollars for something that will save any engine in any car. Tell your boost happy friends who keep blowing their engines about this. I'll sell mine for $650 to anyone here in Colorado, but both of them combined, or I'll deliver it to you. Either way I eat the shipping costs.
If you'd rather not get the dual monitor with it, I'll let the safeguard alone go for $500 even, maybe a bit less but not by much. If that's the case, I have another buyer for the dual monitor already... I haven't committed to him yet, so if you'd like to get both of them now, please let me know asap, otherwise I'll only be offering the Safeguard by itself.
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Thanks for the offer but i think i need the version 1 because i have a jrsc, and am not sure if version two would work for me, the hookups might be different or something
version 1 and version 2 are practically identical. The version 2 will work on a JRSCd car. It may be a little bit more expensive than the version 1, but the version 2 also has a few more features so that if you do ever get more boost happy, it can handle it very easily, regardless of which car it is on/transferred to at a later time.
well i still gotta get the money, and in need a exhaust first, so it is gonna be a couple months bfore i get one
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