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MSD SCI...Digital or Regular?

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I am wanting to add a ignition box to accent my cap and coil, but I need some feedback on MSD's SCI ignitions. Who has had these, and is it worth it to spend the extra cash on the digital version? Just trying to research...
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hey, word of advice: DONT get the MSD SCI, its a big scam to get you to spend more money on something you think is specifically designed for your car (and therefore are willing to shell out more money for). if youre gonna go with MSD, get the Digital 6 Plus, its a bangin' ignition system for the price with a bunch of extra features. just my 2 cents.
ditto on the digital 6+. great product. especially if you are spraying.
Thanks for the help...I was just wondering why it is such a scam, what's wrong with it?
because they gear it towards "sport compact" and charge you more. and for a little more than that you can get a really good useful ignition.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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