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If I were to disconnect my muffler what would it do as far as performance and sound? My friend back home has a 97-3000gt SL and disconnected his for the night he said it sounded pretty pimp. I also wanted to know if it does any damage to the engine?
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You will be messing with EARTH!!! and you could get a ticket for LOUDNESS:D
you might burn out the spark plugs from excessive backfiring(lack of backpressure on the exhaust)
Do you know of anyone who has ever done this? And how loud are we talking about?
i dont think our engines rely on backpressure. we have valves unlike a 2 stroke dirtbike engine that relies on backpressure.

if not having any backpressure were bad then people wouldnt run open headers at the strip
hey thats right..ive never seen a car run at le mans with a muffler..hmmm(plots to remove cat and resonator...)
stangspanker_98 said:
you might burn out the spark plugs from excessive backfiring(lack of backpressure on the exhaust)
exhaust backpressure = bad
exhaust velocity = good

i think your getting the two mixed up...our cars run best at the track with an open header...the spark plugs will never burn due to lack of backpressure.
yeah my friend took out with muffler and it is loud...he gets a lot of gains with it only because he has cams..therefore an open exhaust would be better.
i had no muffler on my 4thgen for a long asss time and seen little difference in performance but the noise decibls increased alot...i also ran no cat and no muffler....a good amount of power loss out of the hole but i felt a very little increase in power at top end...then i ran open header (no internal work done to motor) the car went no where i mean noooo backpressure at all and back fired every time i let off the gas (sounded like a shotgun)...if you r just lookin to take off the muffler your only goin to hear it not feel it....
Thanks man, I think I might take it off tomorrow then, I really want to hear what it sounds like, thanks again for the input.
Jim702 said:
Do you know of anyone who has ever done this? And how loud are we talking about?
i did it once. its loud and sounds absolutely dont wanna do it.
Did I read that right-you have never seen a car run at LeMans with a muffler-guess what-they all and I do mean ALL have them-might not be more than a very small tin can-but they have them. And for everyones info SCCA and other sanctioning bodies are now enforcing noise rules at a number of tracks.

If you want really loud go to a Winston Cup race-NO mufflers. Want even louder-go to an NHRA event when the pro cars run. If you want to wake up your neighbors and set off alarms - take your muffler off. You may even get a present from the police.
Are there any gains to be had by removing the muffler-does anyone here have a dyno plot?
I agree with weenie. It'll make your car sound like poop. I wouldn't advise you to do it. As for messing up your performance, just the muffler shouldn't mess anything up.
hmm...from a thread I started (which has died a cold death...), but related. How much would a dual exhaust affect performance? Since the header, cat and main pipe are the same (single) then it splits into two cans, I can't get my head around how it would be very different in performance, as far as the engine would know it just has one big can on it right? Maybe I'm just not thinking about it hard enough. I dont think it would hinder performance very much, nor would it drastically improve it either but...
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