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Mugen Header

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I was talking to this guy about his car today and we wen tfor a ride. It was a 95 hatch i think and had a b16a swap. Now all he had done to it was put headers on it and a uni muffler. That thing pulled pretty hard. He told me that the header boosted it up like 20 ponies!!!! But it cost him like $2500 Can. Now is thsi guy full os crap or is this header add that much???
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the mugen header isn't the greatest....I would try to get the Hytech or Toda header if your going to put down major coin on a header....otherwise JDM DC 4-1 seems to be a good bang for the buck...or the JDM ITR header.
A lot of people get heated over the Hytech/SMSP header comparison. The way I see it is Hytech has been doing R&D on headers for almost 20 years. SMSP is sort of a newbie to the scene. Don't get me wrong, they are the two best available but they do cost almost as much as I paid for my entire car.....I mean the difference between a $300 DC header and a $1500 hytech or SMSP header is a meager 5-8hp. Unless your hardcore and ballin' then I doubt anybody would go for the higher priced item.
Me, I would get the JDM ITR header....may not be the most perf oriented, but it's oem quality and I'll have it for 10 years if need be.:cool:
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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