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I was talking to this guy about his car today and we wen tfor a ride. It was a 95 hatch i think and had a b16a swap. Now all he had done to it was put headers on it and a uni muffler. That thing pulled pretty hard. He told me that the header boosted it up like 20 ponies!!!! But it cost him like $2500 Can. Now is thsi guy full os crap or is this header add that much???
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UCRaccordV6 said:
some headers can add that much, i don tknow about hat one thogh
ppl sayihng that comptech headers for the accord adds like 20=+hp

You are comparing a V-6 to the I-4 which is no comparisson. 20HP from a header is a big stretch for a V-6, for an I-4 I'd say it's nearly impossible. Rather the only way I would believe it is to see the dyno for myself.

Adding I/H/E only adds modest gains overall. I'd say on a good day, with all three, you'd be lucky to get 6 to 8 HP on a stock engine.

One thing a lot people don't realize is that just bolting something onto your engine doesn't automatically give you the gains you are "guaranteed" to get for the advertisement. You could bolt on a header and intake that don't work well with each other and end up losing more power than you had with the stock setup. Or one could offset the other and no gains are achieved at all. That is why in magazines like SCC they always baseline dyno the car first and then start adding mods and dynoing after each mod.

Dyno tuning is the only way you can truely achieve any real gains.

$2500 for a header, that guy must be nuts. For not a lot more he could have bought a turbo charger and actually had something to brag about.
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MR2KSi said:
Very true Maniac. "Bolt-ons" like I/H/E add minimal gains. Anywhere from 6 to max 15 hp depending on what you have. Ex. Comptech combo. etc.. The good thing is if you are Staying All Motor the I/H/E combo will be good for your motor mods down the road. Your car will be breathing much better. I guess if you have a highly modified motor, a custom header like Hytech with anti-reversion chambers and tailor made for your specific application, will yield some very nice gains, but at a cost.. If I had the money, Shit, I'd do it.. ;)

I'd agree with that. 15 HP is a stretch but it could be possible.

Benny, unless you plan on doing more work than just bolt-on it's really hard to justify the cost of these mods. On a stock engine the gains are very low per dollar spent. If you had forced induction of some sort or built-up internals then I think you'd get much more bang for your buck by adding I/H/E/. My experience is that there was no way I could justify the cost of these mods spending CDN money.

$300 to $400+ for an Intake. No thanks, I don't need the extra 3 or 4 HP that badly.
MR2KSi said:
Maniac, do you plan on any engine mods, or suspension in the future? I'm looking for a JDM 4-1 header with Carsound cat. Planning on doing cams in the future. You are right, mods are expensive..
I have hummed and hawed about what I really want to do with my car. I've looked at many mods over the last couple of years and to be honest the only thing that really appeals to me is Forced Induction. It would be only mod that would make doing I/H/E all worth the expense.

I still want my car driveable year round so I'd either go JRSC or with about a 7PSI turbo setup. I spent lots of dough on this car, with the extra warranty and stuff when I bought it new. In Canada, with all the taxes and warranty my car was about $28,000 when it was all said and done.

So until my warranty lapses I can't see myself doing much. Until then I will plan. I sure love my SiR though, it's the best car I've ever owned and I love driving it everytime I get behind the wheel.

I think the mods you have picked are good ones, with a stock engine you just might not see the gaines you are hoping for. Keep us posted on any that you do get and what you opinions are before and after.
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BennySiR said:
Looking backon the warrantee thing...I should have just stayed with the normal not extended warrantee. Its makes more sense. But hind sight is 20/20 right. I bought it before I knew there were so many cool things you could do to a civic. But hey live and learn. I 'd like to get a turbo....but not right now. Wait for the warrantee to run down a little. Maybe next year:D :D Thansk guys
The same pretty much applies to me as well. Before I got my Civic I never knew the modified world was so diverse for this car. In a way I do have a bit of an issue with spending so much on a car only to spend even more on it after. A smarter way would have been to buy an older CRX or HB and do a swap and build it up.

I do like my SiR the way it is. Not to say I could not live with an extra 30 or 40% more power from forced induction. :) I spent $800 on the 7 year extended warranty and I am now having the feeling that getting my money out of it might prove to be difficult. The worst problem I've had with my car so far is a faulty antenna and rear speaker. Both of which would have been covered under a standard inital warranty of 3 years. We'll see how the next year or two goes. Perhaps in the end it will be the best money I even spent.

I'm not sure how you guys feel, but every car I've owned before this one always left me wanting. I mean I liked my previous cars too but after a year or so I was getting an itch to buy or at least want to buy something else. With my SiR I haven't had the slightest desire to look. I get great mileage and respectable performance all packed into a great looking car.

Another driving factor to modify would really depend where you live. If you are surrounded by imports in your city it really sucks to have the same car as the next 15 guys. I know that feeling from the Cavalier I used to have. The nice thing about my city is that it is small and the import scene is fairly non-existant. To see another SiR is an event in itself. That could be a reason why I am not that hyper to mod my car.

Hey Benny, a note of interest for you. Last summer I took my SiR out to Bridge City Speedway and raced it on the 1/3rd mile oval. It was a hoot!
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