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Mugen Header

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I was talking to this guy about his car today and we wen tfor a ride. It was a 95 hatch i think and had a b16a swap. Now all he had done to it was put headers on it and a uni muffler. That thing pulled pretty hard. He told me that the header boosted it up like 20 ponies!!!! But it cost him like $2500 Can. Now is thsi guy full os crap or is this header add that much???
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I agree with Madtown. I highly, highly doubt he gained 20 hp, especially in a "stock motor"/swap. Maybe if he has a MUGEN sticker somewhere on his car that helped get the 20 hp. :rolleyes: Like you guys said, Hytech is a custom header and will give you very nice hp gains. Most people who purchase a custom Hytech header are building very high performance/race motors. SMSP is also very good, and a bit more affordable. The OEM JDM and DC JDM will give you great gains and good bang for your buck. Madtown, is the OEM JDM header very heavy?? It looks like a tank.. I want it for OEM quality, but don't wanna a heavy ass header.. Thanks..
Very true Maniac. "Bolt-ons" like I/H/E add minimal gains. Anywhere from 6 to max 15 hp depending on what you have. Ex. Comptech combo. etc.. The good thing is if you are Staying All Motor the I/H/E combo will be good for your motor mods down the road. Your car will be breathing much better. I guess if you have a highly modified motor, a custom header like Hytech with anti-reversion chambers and tailor made for your specific application, will yield some very nice gains, but at a cost.. If I had the money, Shit, I'd do it.. ;)
In my opinion, for the money I would say the DC Sports JDM 4-1 header. I think they go for around $280 ceramic coated and add around $100 for the polished stainless one. Very nice gains and great for NA motor upgrades.
Maniac, do you plan on any engine mods, or suspension in the future? I'm looking for a JDM 4-1 header with Carsound cat. Planning on doing cams in the future. You are right, mods are expensive..
Cool man. With the basic I/H/E I don't expect a real lot. IMO though, with Just AEM CAI and APEXi N1 catback, my car feels better than when stock. I know it is very little modding, but car seems to pull a little harder. Also, my short shifter makes shifting even more fun. I guess the sound of the N1 and AEM has psychological effects too. LOL.. I love the All Motor setups. There's something about an All Motor Honda revving to 9k RPM that gets me goin.. I too have the extended warranty. Now looking back, I wonder if it was really needed. Be safe man.
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