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Mugen Header

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I was talking to this guy about his car today and we wen tfor a ride. It was a 95 hatch i think and had a b16a swap. Now all he had done to it was put headers on it and a uni muffler. That thing pulled pretty hard. He told me that the header boosted it up like 20 ponies!!!! But it cost him like $2500 Can. Now is thsi guy full os crap or is this header add that much???
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BennySiR said:
Looking backon the warrantee thing...I should have just stayed with the normal not extended warrantee. Its makes more sense. But hind sight is 20/20 right. I bought it before I knew there were so many cool things you could do to a civic. But hey live and learn. I 'd like to get a turbo....but not right now. Wait for the warrantee to run down a little. Maybe next year:D :D Thansk guys
The same pretty much applies to me as well. Before I got my Civic I never knew the modified world was so diverse for this car. In a way I do have a bit of an issue with spending so much on a car only to spend even more on it after. A smarter way would have been to buy an older CRX or HB and do a swap and build it up.

I do like my SiR the way it is. Not to say I could not live with an extra 30 or 40% more power from forced induction. :) I spent $800 on the 7 year extended warranty and I am now having the feeling that getting my money out of it might prove to be difficult. The worst problem I've had with my car so far is a faulty antenna and rear speaker. Both of which would have been covered under a standard inital warranty of 3 years. We'll see how the next year or two goes. Perhaps in the end it will be the best money I even spent.

I'm not sure how you guys feel, but every car I've owned before this one always left me wanting. I mean I liked my previous cars too but after a year or so I was getting an itch to buy or at least want to buy something else. With my SiR I haven't had the slightest desire to look. I get great mileage and respectable performance all packed into a great looking car.

Another driving factor to modify would really depend where you live. If you are surrounded by imports in your city it really sucks to have the same car as the next 15 guys. I know that feeling from the Cavalier I used to have. The nice thing about my city is that it is small and the import scene is fairly non-existant. To see another SiR is an event in itself. That could be a reason why I am not that hyper to mod my car.

Hey Benny, a note of interest for you. Last summer I took my SiR out to Bridge City Speedway and raced it on the 1/3rd mile oval. It was a hoot!
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hey guys........want a 3" collector?? then why dont you go ahead and buy yourselves a set of 4 more cylinders.......or how about some 14:1 CR pistons??'s a 1.6L 4 cylinder. there is no way in HELL you are going to gain 20hp from a wont even gain 10 hp from a header. i dont care HOW big your collector and primaries are, unless you have the bottom end to push out enough exhaust gas that huge primaries and collector would be warranted, all a header like that is going to do, is rob you of bottom end hp.

you are all fools if you spend $1000 on a header that is going to KILL your power band.'ll gain 15hp, but you'll gain it at 8300rpm. for the first 8200rpm, you'll lose 10hp. do you realize these headers are designed for high compression, high revving applications that make power between 8k-10krpm???

not to mention the fact that no matter how big your collecter is, you still have to push the gas through a 2" cat and a 2.25" exhaust.

do yourselves a favor. if you want a header to bolt on to your otherwise STOCK b16a2......get a DC sports 4-1/4-2-1. and NOT the JDM one. shit, i hvae the DC sports 4-1 and i could kick myself for not buying the 4-2-1 cause the bottom end hp loss is annoying as shit!! and trust me, the power lost is NOT more than made up for in the top end.

before you all run out and buy 1000 headers. why not first buy a set of $400 14:1 pistons if you are insistant on making serious n/a hp. cause without those, a huge headder/exhuast is pretty much a $1000 peice of junk;)
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