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MY 5th gen Civic

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Very clean. I dont like the taillights to much, but its your car.

Not bad. I've never been a big fan of the Altezzas, but it's your ride... do whatcha like.

What are the stickers?
yeah i was gonna put the stock tail back on but now whats the those are apexi and h&r decals....i had the dunk exhaust and h&r sports with agx adjustables
wut happened to it?


i lost control coming off a exit and it spun out & i hit the rail ...and all i got is im assed out:eek:
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shitty .. what are you going to do with it now?
that didn't look that bad, hey dawg, fill out the poll a lil bit down on the civic forum for coming to the get together :D

what kinda ride you got now? nuttin?
trying to sell it as is or get rid off all the parts.
how much you want for the si wheels?
550 it got new kumbo tires on it
ouchie ouch! poor civic... =(
it doesnt look that bad.
you need a hood, left fender, left head light, bumper cover.
is anything messed up underneath the hood?? maybe the radiator?
damn that front end damage reminds me when i had my 89 civic back in the day.. and i rear ended a pathfinder.. the front of my car was nearly bent in half but there was absolutely no scratch on the suv... wth? im glad my new car has airbags.. whew
yeah i know its fixable but all that money would be coming out my ass..and its just not worth it too me...imma get a 91 crx or a EG whatever float my way first.
I can get you 2 89 crx's for a GREAT price ;)
what condition are they in? and is it5 speed?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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