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MY 90 accord (hybrid) VS 99-00 civic SI

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A couple of mounts ago i just got a motor's bottom end built and added new cams and cam gears(already installed CAI, cat back exhaust, full ingition system ported head and
manifold, header, chip, and fuel system etc..) and i had been just crusing waiting for the break in period to pass, so about 800-850 miles later me and my girl was just cruising one night leaving a movie and I had not opened my car up for racing,or for any thing for that matter and had never really had the oppertunity. So we stop at a around 11:00am and I looked in my rear view and I see hyper white head lights pull up and it's a sweat pearl white colored 99-00 civic si with nice rims,guages galour, and a nice interior.

I see the passanger tap the drivers shoulder and they both look at my car and bust out laughing at my car. I it was a joke which I took very offensive and the fact that my girl was in the car didn't help either so my girl was like" don't worrie about" Being a normal woman. But knowing a males ego i was like " fuck that shit" I look over at the driver and give a quick rev of my h22 and they still laugh. So by then i'm like it's now or never.

So the light turns green and we hit it throught first gear which seemed to be a duel of reving ability,and a quick chirp of the tires. Then secound and we both look over and make short eye contact we are pretty much neck and neck and the moment i was waiting for V-TEC engagement in 2nd as my engine takes on another life and TONE i'm pushed a little into my seat. I quickly look over and the driver of the Si look in pure shock,and the passanger jump up from his seat as if my car is no longer all laughs since not many 90-93 accord are driving in built h22a.

Now in thrid I take almost a full car length and I hear the Si's notorious b16 vtec Screaming for a shift, now in fourth I pull in front of him by maybe 2-3 car lengths and hit the hazard lights and slow down seeing no point in going any longer i slow down looking over and seeing by girlfriend pinned to her seat looking in pure shock. As the si passed poth the driver and passanger shot me the bird but i was like WTf they should not have tried a true sleeper. But opening up the car for the first time after waiting so long felt so good.. .....
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another hybrid.. cool
i wanna see pics of your ride :)

nice kill, what did you do the the new engine?
coo...i wanna see some pics man
NICE lets see some pics... i love civic kill stories.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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