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Most insurance companies these days will only make out the check to the company doing the repairs, and they want a certified copy of the repair order, with part numbers and man hours. If you know someone who has a shop, then they may help you out, but they also have adjusters to check up on that kind of sheot. i wish you luck, you may want to check with your states Insurance Commisioners Office, and see just what rights you have......My good friend just wrecked his 98 Teg, and they wouldn't even let him get it fixed at the dealer, thay said the dealer would overprice their work, and he would have to pay the difference. They wouldn't even use factory new parts!!! They also only gave him $1000 for his accessories, and he had to get a new Intercooler, Front bumper cover(non-factory), and some other stuff. We checked with the Commisioners Office, and it was all within the insurance companies rights to do all of that. Florida is a piss poor state for insurance.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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