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sup...i have a 97 civic dx...about a year ago before the car was was taken to some gypsy mechanics who screwed things up royally...they were just supposed to install a new timing belt...for the past year these idiots have been gettting the car back because it has been completely screwed up since. they have even had the head sent out to be "rebuilt"... the problem i have now is that the car runs fine for about a day, and then it starts to idle wierd , and then the check engine light comes on..when the car got inspected the check engine light was on and the mechanic said only 2 of the pistons are firing...if i reset the ecu the light goes off ,and it runs matter what the best gas mileage i get is like 15 miles to the gallon... i was thinking about switching over to a sohc vtec head, would this potentially solve my problem?? any help is greatly appreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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