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my car pics!!!

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well ive been trying to get pics up, and finally i think this will work. if it dosent sorry, but if it does please give me all opinions good or bad...lates...
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you will have to copy and paste the top anyone seeing the pics? anybody???
fixed it
actually just click on the link, sorry
thanks cryogen, what was the deal with it before? hey man you are the best EVER!!! keep it real man...
you type html, vbulletin doesn't like html, vbulletin like vB code (which is simmilar to html, but some key changes. Good examples in the FAQ up top.)
coo coo:D :D :D
nice car....

drop a bit more...

and personally, i don't like the altezzas...but thats personal preference
thanks for the comments so far, keep them coming...and as for the drop im taking off the coils that i got to get ground control in a few weeks and ill drop it low then...also these are the last pics before it gets ill post more after the paint gets done, which will probably take a couple months...
hey im adding the rest of my pics now, they are more check them out...thanks for the comments...
same color with blue and silver pearl i think, but im not sure definatley open to actually like to paint it red, but that would cost too much, and i want it done right(engine bay, inside trunk, door sils, ect.)so i gotta stay basically same base color
nice car.
not a fan of red Honda emblems or altezzas, but everything else seems to be in order.... are you going to get those matte black molding and sills painted body color when you get your paintjob? I recommend it, looks really good.
very nice...clean ride
hey thanks everyone for the compliments...
yea im getting all the body moldings painted, i was actually considering having them removed completely and having it flush all the way around...but too much time to do that and they protect the body alittle from damage...
whats up, i like your car. it looks real nice and clean. 2 suggestions - def drop it at least an inch and a half, and paint those moldings...then its gonna look real sweet. keep up the good work.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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