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my catalytic converter

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i recently took my heat shield off because it was making a rustling noise
however eventough the sound get better my carf still rfustles a little bit and i think itg may be the cat
jusdt wonderiing what u guys thought and if u think it was a bad idea that i took the heat shield off
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Yes, that was a bad idea if you still have the stock header.
it was a good idea, stoopid heat shields that say HOT on them. I think they make the motor look like junk.
i have aftermarket headers dc sports stainless steel 4 to 2 to 1 so they are not stock
If you have dc headers, how did you put your stock heat shield back on?:confused:
Ok...If you have a dc "header" how did you put your heat shield back on?
Rendel said:
Ok...If you have a dc "header" how did you put your heat shield back on?
Hes talking about the catlyic convertor...

Taking the heat sheild off the cat will not hurt, just that you will proably feel the heat more..
I'm confused... I thought he was talking about the heat shield over the cat too...
taking off the heat sheild will intruduce more heat in the passanger cabin but hightens the risk of igniting a fire under your car when parking on top of shrub
there could be a chunk of the catalist broken off inside the catalytic happened to me
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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