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My CRX pic - - -Anyone from austin Area?????

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Here's my ride...this pic taken 02-21-02

anyone from Austin Texas?????

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i'm not from texas, i'm from florida. I just wanted to ask what happened to your car. It looks like it was sweet before the wreck.
Damn it looks like it DID look good. What happen?
i recently moved 3 hours away from where i used to move. My gurl takes my car to come see me and go to her university. and today she was going to school and some mexicans...not trying to be racist but they were ********...didn't know much english. he hit her going over 40 and she was going 20 while stoping. so she skid down the intersection from however fast she was going to 20 and he hit her. she's fine though which is good. but the mezkins didnt have insure, license and no seatbelts...they had like 1 year old kids in the back seat of their saturn. The funny thing is, is that my car is minor me its a minor wreck..just the fender and shit..but their car, fluid was leaking and the whole front end was jacked. it's totaled..but not my car..good thing...also when it hit her she flew and hit a van, my hood got smushed a little bit and the bumper cracked...the van had my paint on it thats all..nothing wrong with the van...funny.

but i'm going to fix the bitch back up. i'll try to find my picture where it was nice...

next modz:
EVO front bumper,
Mugen sides,
Mugen rear flares for the mugen bumper,
monster scoop CF hood.
Greddy Turbo kit, custom intercooler.....

hopefully the money i get will get me everything but the turbo...
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Im from Dallas but I live in Kileen , about 45 min from austin, been looking for some texas rexers to meet up w/.

Im from Leander TX just 15 mins from austin. i own a 1987 CRX this is my first post here. (my poor crx runs like shit i dont know if i could even take it to austin it has body dmg from retarded ppl breaking my plastic body pannels. Carbed but needs new gasket in between top and bottem of carb to run liek a queen right now runs real rich and black smoke a plenty because of that.)
nice job bringing back a 5 year old thread. :bash
So whats wrong with that
The fact that it's 5 years old and bringing it back serves absolutely no PURPOSE. Why not just start your own thread, introducing yourself and your crx? sounds better doesn't it? :confused
Mkay thank you. Ya know i have agood feeling about this forum last honda forum i was at woulda bitched like no tomarrow about it.
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