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Hey guys, just registered at the site, just thought I would share the list of all the different products I use for my detailing.

-TurtleWax Gold Series Car Wash
-3 Mits with mesh on the back side for road tar
-Yarn mit for rims
-Small detailing brush for rims
-Scrubber for tires
-Turtle Wax 2001 Tire Foam & Shine
-Eagle One Aluminum Was and Cleaner for rims
-Simple Green for engine bay
-Sprayway Glass Cleaner (no ammonia)
-2 Bucket (1 soap and hot water, 1 cold clean water)
-Self Coiling hose
-10 option hose head
-Genuine leather chamoi
-Several lintless car detailing towels
Wax and Polish
-Turtle Wax
-Turtle Wax Polishing Compound and Scratch Remover
-Orbital Electric Car Buffer
-Turtle Wax Power Out Cleaner with Odor-X
-VERY LITTLE armorall for shine on some vinyl pieces (not the dash)

Any suggestions to add to my system?

I had a layer of clearcoat put over about 6 months ago, but apart from that, it's original paint.
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