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my first photoshop!! (tx3...)

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((Does the [img.] tag werk?))
If you dont see 'em click here:

yes this is my first attempt to do any kind of, dont laugh, please.

tx3, from what i read you know all bout photoshop...I had just one problem, lowering it, how the heck do i do that?
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use an image host. i use digital pose. it works good.
GGGRR i hate geocities, hold up i'll fix :)
the site for digital pose is lol(duh!)
just when u upload yur on them untill they pop up in seperate window. then right click and go to properties. then copy the url. and paste that between img tags.
WOOHOO---i just need help lowering it, dont know what to do :(


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thats the only good pic i got, :( damnit!!
im not laughin b/c i use to do the same sh*t as u.....ive learned a few little things learn..just ask thats what i do..:)
i like the red tree:D just keep practicing you will get the hang of it.
I see he's taken a few more steps of that journey of thousand miles :D

Me know not much photoshop!;)
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why dont you try and paint your van all the same color, sounds like a good start to me
i was observing the photoshoped pics.. and then i saw someone say why dont you try painting it all the same color.. to get a good start.. well i'm also new to photoshoping cars.. how do you start to paint a car the same color? what do you have to do to get it to look realistic?
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