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MY first time posting pics of MY BLACK CIVIC

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Please be kinda i still need tint and drop and some PWER! But all opions are welcome please coment on what you think and like
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Just thought i would post some pics in here and not just the link well everyone welcome to coment.

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pretty sweet... i like them chrome trim speedometor gauges, what kind are those anyway?
well its made by APC ( i know shitty) but looks tight . my local shop has them in stock all the time!!!! they come in a few color i got carbon fiber
nice! now you need to tuck your wheels in those fenders and imo get a set of si tails (clear/red). everything else your on the right track bro.
yeah i think i am going to lower my car here before Christmas . the tails will come at christmas. and my girl is Tinting my car here in a week or so! Thats for our 1yr aniversity. after all that i am going to route of turbo and fuel delivery. then its all show from there!!!!
nice, very clean.......time to drop n tint that bitch :)
Needs a drop, and new tails. Tint too I guess, but I would get those other things first. I dont like the red painted peices inside. Overall a very nice car, I got a question, how much did you pay for the air and oil gauges and are they hard to hook up? If anyone knows the install process feel free to tell me.
nice man...but ur shit would look sick!!!! if it was nice and dropped on those rims.

those rims are hot!!! best knockoff i've seen of those volks! where u'd get them from?

those gauges run from 40-65$ each dependsone on what you want. They were rather easy to install pretty much straight forward. The red stuff inside is getting painted black when i get a few days off work. i just wanted to see how it owuld look. Looks kinda cheap to me that why i am going to get the carbon fiber kit. The drop will happen here in a few months i have some bills i need to pay off. The rims well i wanted some mean 6 but when i saw those i had to have them. My local shop ( V&T Perfromance) had them in stock. Tint is coming in a week my girl is doing for our aniversary. and the tail my cousin is getting that for me for the holliday!. So its all coming together by next summer i want to do a manual conversition and then a turbo! PLans PLans!!!!!

I can't wait here in less that a year my girl is getting a lude or teg and is going to let me do what ever i want to it. she just want to pick out the body kit so it will look "CUTE".
Thanx for the info on the gauges, I love the mean 6's, thats what I am getting next summer.
sweeet...ya like everyone else said, drop and tint...also COUGHnewheadunitCOUGH...
Nice ... But this pisses me off !! When i put my car's picture up in the non tech forum, it got closed like 2 minutes later !!!:mad:
car looks good, but i am not to fond of the rims...just my opinion..
thanks for all the coments. for the head unit i am waiting on my audio system and stuff after i get serious pwer with a turbo!
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