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I'll start off with my for sale stuff:

--- Complete 98+ front end conversion comes with carbon fiber hood, OEM bumper, OEM fenders(driver and passenger)(may come with jdm typr r amber turn signals), and headlights... hood, bumper and drivers fender need a lil work (will get pics as soon as i can get ahold of a digi cam (front is still on my car will be off in about 2 to 3 weeks or so if you want to leave a non refundable down payment i will hold it for you and give it to you as soon as i have the new front for it) looking to get 600 OBO

Also have the 98+ rear bumper needs paint 125 OBO

--- spoon shift knob SOLD

--- Omnipower full coilover kit sport version 550 OBO


All 4

--- 95 gsr stock rear lca's Make and offer

--- 95 gsr stock front upper controll arm Make an offer

--- 95 gsr stock rear upper controll arm Make an offer

--- Stock GSR throttle body slight damage (as seen in pic) only to the throttle cable bracket mounting point works fine>>> would be perfect if you wanted to switch it to type r pull style 75 OBO

--- Stock GSR throttle cable SOLD

Will try to get pics ASAP no cam right now so bare with me

will ship but buyer pays all shipping expence... im located in nor cal may drive a lil to meet buyer pm me on here or email me at [email protected]

Now my WTB stuff:

--- stock side skirts or oem optinial sides (any color)

--- 98+ rear bumper OEM (any color)

--- APR carbon fiber mirros for 94-01 integra

--- JDM type r front end conversion OEM sheet metal, black houseing headlights, HID or non-HID (willing to trade 98+ front end and cash for this)

--- Comptech cat back exhaust for a 94-99 GSR

--- Comptech header for 94-99 GSR

--- Stock 94-95 GSR cat

--- Stock GSR dual bend shifter

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here are the pics for the 98+ conversion

slight damage on the front bumper... small crack as you can see there on the right

drivers fender... scratches along it and towards the a pillar (comes with sidemarker)

Hood... few scratches not sure if they are fixable... low quality hood though

Passenger fender perfect condition (comes with sidemarker)

Headlights.... some condensation... just need to be reasealed will try to do it before selling if time permits

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