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my friends bodykit doesn't seem to fit perfectly. What do we do.

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My freind got a blitz front bumper like mine and a buddy club back bumper. We tried to put them on but the don't fit exactly right. I mean they stay on but on the front bumper the kit kinda sticks out a little where it connects to the frame of the car under the fenders by the wheel. It sticks out about an inch and a half on both sides. Also, in the front the kits drops down some so there is a gap between the top of the kit and the bottom of the headlights. Can someone explain to us why this is happening and what to do aobut it.
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did u not read the disclaimer parts may not fit blah blah blah. to make the bumper gap work ur gonna need to connect the filler panel in between the hood and bumper to the bumper and when u do it u can correct the problems if u do it correctly
I need a little more explanation than that. What the hell is the filler pannel and what am I supposed to do. WE just took out the screws drilled the holes and attached the bumper. What else do you want me to do?
the metal strip that is under the head lights is the filler strip. are u using the bumper support? it souldnt hang low. did u use the screws in the fender in front of teh wheels?
yeah I used the screws it just still sticks out on the sides and hangs low under the lights.
sounds like a VIS racing kit.... He shouldnt have to use a civic "filler panel" if its on a crx though. On the -width- issue, you have to loosen the front mount of the fender, and cut open the end of the fender mount, to give you more adjustability so you can flare out the front fenders then tighten them back down. To take care of the under headlight gap, you can loosen the front bumper support(4 12 mm bolts) and adjust the support all the way up. If you still have gaps you will need to add "kitty hair"(bondo with fiberglass strands) and finish it with regular body filler(bondo/ppg technifill). prep the areas of the bumper that need filler, remove the top gelcoat with 36 grit. paper. once the areas are prepped, mask off the area's of the car where filler is being added. As an example if you need to add filler where the bumper meats the side of the fender, you should put tape on the fender area before putting the bumper on then adding filler. By using this method you will match the cars lines perfectly, once the kitty hair dries, just peal the bumper off the car and shape the new material with 36grit, add a smooth coat of bondo, and finish it with 80 grit. Its hard work, everyone underestimates the effort bodywork takes, now you will see. If you take your time, be patient, and do it over and over untill it looks right you will be straight.
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get the zip ties and windshield glue out ;) hehe.
no body kit ever fits right idont care who it is made by , they will still fit kinda bad i do body kits all the time and not one fits correctly!!!!
yet another reason to leave it stock.

The Real Mugen Kit fits perfect.
This is why you have a professional put on your kit.

My suggestion for you:

Since you are not exprienced with body work

- take it to someone who is!
as our crew ses..."jes attack it buddy"
yeah, I think taht you guys are right. I'm just gonna take it to a shop and have a pro re-install the entire kit so I don't have to worry about. Thank for the advice fellas.
Sorry your kit doesn't fit pefectly. My Erebuni sideskirts fit almost perfectly on my Integra, but the generic rear bumper lip I bought was like an 1.5" too narrow in the back. I was pissed. So much for trying to save money.

I agree with what most everyone else is saying, take it to a body shop. If you spent so much on a kit, you should spend a little more to have it installed right. I was scared to try and force my kit to fit because I did not want to be looking at a screwed up bumper for the next few years.

My body shop molded the rear bumper lip on so it looks like it's one piece now. But there are cheaper alternatives a shop can help you with. Any good shop will have access to fillers that can help "shape" your kit to fit just right.
Yeah I have that same problem with my front bumper, doesn't fit right. Pretty much excatly what you said. I did also get my from VIS racing. I got my side skirts and rear bumper from some1 else. I hope they fit right.
My body kit from Kaminari fit pretty well. I had to do some grinding here and there, but overall it fit nice. One thing I did have to do was to realign my bumbers. Obviously the previous owner "whacked' the car into a few things, so I did have to loosen some bolts and shift some things around. Now the fenders - oh we don't want to go there! They were a flippin nightmare to line up. One was even molded wrong. But nobody said anything worth having was going to be easy....
I put a front bumper cover from wings west on my buddies 90 teg. It was very easy, we just drilled mounting holes, and got longer fender well bolts. I guess we got lucky though. It fit nicely.
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