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My Head Lights Keep Dying

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I buy Eurolite fusion head lights for my teg and every 3 months or so one always dies out. is it just because they are cheap?

i was thinking of just going back to stock.

or get a job and go with the PIAAs.

what you do you guys think?
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its because they suck or you are touching the bulb, either way stop doing it!
Thats just what cheap bulbs do. They burn out fast. I have learned my lesson with them...don't buy them.
go with the PIAA's...
Do the piaa's have any bulbs with a blueish tint to them? I have only seen people with pure white piaa's.
i believe so... maybe has some...
how long do they last you?
no piaas no eurolites.
xenon bulbs suck unless u'r getting an hid kit.

get either the sylvannia cool blues or sylvannia silverstars.

u won't regret getting those.
I've also heard that the silver stars are really good. I've never had a problem with cheap bulbs myself.
eyah get hid
It may also possibly be a short in the actual headlight wiring harness. This happened on my friends accord. He replaced the harness (which was damaged pretty bad), and his "replica H.I.D." bulbs have been fine since! Been about a year. might want to check the wiring harness :)
piaa superwhites are just that, white. They aren't bluish per say, but they're less yellow than the regular old halogen headlights. They are really bright though. I have people flashing their lights at me all the time thinking that I have my hi beams on. Don't know if they're worth the $90 that I paid for them though.
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