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I have yet to play it but I want to so I can speak the dialect better.
It uses the DS's mic to record your voice. Then you can compare it to the language teacher. That's one good thing about it.

Also you use the stylus to practice your writing. It's a little tough since there's a time limit to how long it'll let you write. But there's a "compare" function which is helpful to see if you got the basic shape down. Plus learning the proper stroke order is something that the game can teach you.

I tired it out for only about 20 minutes but imho it seemed pretty legit in it's approach. Instead of buying kana flashcards, writing guides, etc. you get the same features in one game, plus the voice recording/playback capability.

One of my other friends who grew up in Japan was sad that you can't change the dialect of the voice. LOLS she wants to learn a Kansai dialect. "Nombo" v. "Ikura" for "How much?" and stuff like that.
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