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Hey guys, im sure most of you are aware of the Denso Iridium buys that i have been doing for a while now. Looks like im gonna have to make this the last one cuz the pricing out there is getting way to competitive and now i dont think i can offer as good a deal as i used to.

Like before, i will need at least 200 plugs sold again before i go and pick them up.

i will be lowering prices a bit so i can still offer the BEST deal possible for these plugs.

$9.60 per plug with free shipping using Money Order
$9.70 per plug with free shiping using Paypal

no additional fees unless i have to ship to canada or something.

Lets get this going, i will end this in about 2 weeks and will also be posting this on a few maxima boards and other honda/acura boards. Hopefully we can have another successfull buy on these.

Go ahead and email me at [email protected] and also post here.

If you want in on this buy, PLEASE EMAIL me ur Screen name, email address, shiping address and amount/type of plugs wanted and payment type(only MO or paypal).
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Hey frank, if I was going to install a nitrous kit, would I need different plugs (I previously bought IK16's from you)
Pinoy Dragon said:
Hey frank, if I was going to install a nitrous kit, would I need different plugs (I previously bought IK16's from you)
Matt get the Ik20's if you're planning on nitrous. Everyone should get IK16's unless you're getting an additional 75-100hp.

Straight from Denso's site.

"Part of your spark plug’s responsibilities, in addition to firing a spark, is to remove heat from the combustion chamber. This is accomplished by channeling the heat through the insulator material and metal housing. From there, the heat is transferred to the cylinder head where the engine cooling system can go to work. A spark plug’s heat range is its ability to dissipate heat. The “colder” the plug, the more heat it can channel out of the combustion chamber. In a performance application, colder heat ranges may be necessary to handle the extreme temperatures brought on by higher compression ratios, forced induction, and high RPM’s. While “Colder” plugs may seem to be the way to go, please remember that the spark plug must achieve its “self-cleaning” temperature where it can burn off fuel and carbon deposits. Otherwise, the plug could “foul out” where it is prone to misfiring and poor acceleration. A plug that is too “hot” can overheat, also causing power loss, detonation, pre-ignition, and possible engine damage. A good, general rule of thumb is to start with the factory recommended heat range. For every 75 to 100 hp you add to your engine, you may go to the next colder step. DENSO heat ranges move up as they get colder; 16 would be our hottest Iridium Power plug, 34 would be our coldest (ranges; 16,20,22,24,27,31,34)"
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Thanks Francis. Until the new Unichip and a reputable transmission company comes out for us, I'll have to resort to nitrous to put all those brand new, or soon to be, drivers that drive their brand new cars in their place.

How much for long till that site (Can't say the name or else Mike_sho will kill for advertising, it's ok Mike I still love you for keeping our first home alive) is up again? I heard GD2K was having server problems.
6 IK16s for me
123456789 said:
6 IK16s for me
Don't forget to email him to make it official.
6 IK16s for me...already emailed...

16s are okay for pure NA applications?

OK, I'll take 6. They're worth a try. I've already Emailed you.
Guys. I dont recommend ik20 unless youre gonna run nitrous. i just took mine out and my car feels stronger. theyll make u run more rich. ill put mine back in next year when i install my nitrous.
I thought the IK20s were good for those who had I/H/E setups, right?

Count me in for 6 IK16's, I'll fire off an email now as well
aite i have no idea bout perfomance parts...wha do spark plugs do and how many do our cars need?
You need 6 plugs because you have 6 cylinders. You put one for each cylidner.
i see...and wha do they do?
i still say go with IK20 on a I/H/e car, BUT only if u have a 98 or 99. The rest of us(00-02) seem to be restricted by our ECUs and we are not making the same amount of power that the 98-99 guys are.

i may switch to IK16 till i get my ECU mod going.
Do it. Switch it to ik16. I put my stocks back on and the car pulls a little better. From my dyno they said I was running too rich.

As far as what plugs do can someone post a link from They have all the detailed info. It would take pages to explain how spark plugs work your car.
Thanks Frank, that really cleared everthing up.
Do you guys really think people with i/h/e should get the ik16s, I have a 2000 AV6, and I dont know which to get. Alicia (dope ass accord coupe) said ik20s worked great for her. And by the way, Frank, when will you ship out the plugs if i buy, because i ll be gone for the first week of april and i was hoping to get them before then.
i have replied to everyone's emails
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