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so the other day me and my friend mark decided last minute as usualy to do a night time photoshoot of his civic.

it was hard finding places to do shots from. so some if these look like ish. but ima post all of the pics anyway.

keep in mind these are night shots. so glare from lights is bound to be there.

anyway. tell me what you think. give me a critique cause im trying to build my camera skills


Olympus Cammedia 4.0 mega pixel

car specs:
2000 civic ex.
CTR headlights
CTR shiftboot
CTR front grill
Rota slipstreams
OEM fog lights
OMNI power coilovers.
koni yellows
Parada spec 2's
Shorts shifter
Mugen replica CF front lip
Type r rearlip
Painted Sideskirts

im prolly forgetting something

lemme post up all the pics.

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turn off the lights on the car!!!!!!

i think there are quite a few shots that would have come out better if the lights on the car were turned off. i think the lights being on distracts from the car, rather than bringing something tasteful to the car. i couldn't tell until the pics from the side and closer in that the lip was carbon fiber!

this shot would be money if the lights were off. they make the pic a bit hazy. :(

as 5genlude pointed out, the pics are abit underexposed (i.e. dark, not enough contrast).

also, as far as composition goes, get away from the signs and poles...

signs in the back are a bit distracting.

not bad, just a little more exposure

best of the bunch... car's so shiny i can see you.

just keep shooting. :)

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yeah but as satetd above im on a crappy digicam. well not crappy its just really user friendly. and its not advanced. next time ima use my g/fs camera its a little more advanced ill just have to play with it
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