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My N/A setup can't wait to get it all in!!!!

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Just wanted to share my most recent events with you guys!! I'm glad the board is back up...

I went shopping since the last time I posted, here's what I have so far:

Crower stage 2 cams
Crower springs & titanium retainers
Crower Cam gears
Crower SS valves 1mm oversize
Type s pistons
Eagle connecting rods
DC Sports headers 4-2-1
Thermal R&D exhaust
Skunk2 wiring harness
Hondata stage 3
cerametallic clutch
B&M fuel pressure regulator

I will also have a port & polish job done on my head as well as honeing the cylinders.

I do however need advice on an intake manifold (still don't have) as well as which pulleys to install I don't want the UO crank pulley because of the contoversey surrounding it.... Any other suggestions for my setup will be greatly appreciated...

Also do you guys know what I can push my stock injectors to? Do you think I'll need bigger ones? A bigger fuel pump maybe?

I will be getting a picture of all of my parts before they go in I would appreciate it if someone could help me post this pic in the future as I'm a big dumb ass and can't seem to post any pictures.

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gotta love all motor ludes! sounds like it will be nice and fast too..good luck with your setup
stock 4g injectors only 345cc. Go pick up some DSM 450cc injectors. They will be more than enough for your setup, and they are cheap too. Hondata can take care of that.;)
kind of sounds like my setup that will be going in soon.

jdm h22 w/ lsd
crower stage 2's OR custom webcams
webcam springs/retainers
greddy stainless header
greddy pe exhaust
aem polished intake
b&m fpr w/ gauge
chipped ecu
jun flywheel
act clutch
skunk2 cam gears

soon after i will be getting a p&p and some other stuff but thats it to start off with.

when you planning on being done with your setup?
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Shit Dude!

Next time you go shopping take me....I don't need much, just a nice little T3/T4 hybrid to slap on the old h23.

Lookin forward to seeing the dyno charts man.

I wish I had money like that to spend........sounds like you are going to have a badass lude!
Well the money was not easy to come by, I worked my ass off well the lude was sleeping in the garage(Canadian Winters). And worked open to close almost everyday in December (the wonders of comission sales) to make the money. I also gave up everything that involved going out and spending money... Which pretty much translates into no girls to keep me warm... But I figure I'm gonna cream my pants everytime I drive to work in the summer so I guess it's gonna be worth it?! Can't wait to here what vtec sounds like all the way to 8000 rpm...

I'll post my dyno charts as soon as I get everything tuned... As the dyno will be an intregal parts of the tuning process...
Can't wait to share it with you guys..... Everything should be in by the end of April.....

Again any suggestions on the setup will be appreciated, and taken into consideration....

My future mods:
around June

quaife lsd
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