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** My new love...that and I never really posted pics of my cars anyway ;) **

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Its been a while....

but I just got rid of my 03 Civic EX and purchased a 04 RSX Type-S I thought I would share

got a really great deal....and good money for my trade-in as well :clap

everything worked out nicely because this is thee car previously viewed at a local dealership new...but they wouldn't budge on thee price and they were asking waaaay too much for thee car at thee things worked out nicely :w00t

I also have a 04 Accord V6 6-speed...and here a few pics of both

*note: they are both pretty dirty ;)

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:btu Nice.
Whats the A-spec version?
Thanks guys :D

GSRGreenSleeper said:
Whats the A-spec version?
pretty much thee same setup as honda factory performance accessories.....

Thee RSX has an upgraded suspension.... kit...wing....17" wheels....interior trim package....and shift knob....

Thee TSX and thee TL have a package available as well...although just like HFP...they really jack up thee price of thee main reason for not buying it new
If you lived in washington I coulda got you the whole Aspec package for about 1100 total =). But wow, I shoulda boosted a RSX instead after seeing it in white and so clean like that. Makes me wonder if I should part out my rex and trade it in ~
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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