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my plans for the rex (photos) please comment

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OK... You guys know what I already got.... well after 6 months I am getting bored with my 14 quarters and my stock looking body. So here is what is in store
The D15A3 is being replaced with a D16A6. It'll be bored out to a 1.7 using Mugen pistons. The entire vavle train including the cams will be Mugen parts. Cam gears will be custom peices. I am considering the CMR intake manifold (good for 20 dyno proven HP) or THIS:

I'm also going to add Lightspeed headers (if I can find them) and the internals will be perfectly built... balanced rods and a knife edged crank, windage oil pan (dry sump) and new bearings everywhere. a block guard will be installed in anticipation of the nitrous system (yeah... I know... but I don't wanna go turbo and i'll prolly never use it anyway)

The body.... 2nd Gen headlights (black housing projecters) oh yes.... an $1,800 body kit from houseman Autosport will be gracing the streets of Roseville not too long from now, this will include a custom hood that will look similar to the GUDE racing CRX hood, and will be molded to the header panel that will custom fit the G2 headlights it also include fiberglass door skins and a fiberglass rear hatch.... here is a photshop job of what it will look like with the G2 headlights!

the car will be black flint pearl with gold accents (gold front lip that will wrap up over the front fender flares and line the top half of the door, then wrap up over the top of the car on the B-pillars. a gold visor on the rear window will help transition the gold to the rest of the car. A real GTR wing will be installed with the Mugen flag colors painted on the top.

This car will have ZERO stickers visible from the outside, save for one Honda Sticker that will be on the windsheild and the signatures of whoever helps me work on the car (I am doing this all myself.. no shops will ever see this baby!)

my other stuff that I have the car is gonna stay (like my JDM tail lamps and my JDM clock that will be installed into the custom dash.

The wheels will be Axis MAGL in 15" wrapped in Kumho Tires (or maybe Dunlop!)
they look like this in black

The interior will be gutted (already is) and the floor covered in rhinoskin. The rest will be painted gold and custom door panels will be fabricated. (also gold)
The dash will be removed to make room for a custom carbon fiber set that will house all new Autometer guages.
momo steering wheel, seats and belts... Autopower will do the weld in roll cage for me. It will most likely be converted to Right hand drive if I can find the steering rack assembly for one (but I've also heard that you can just turn the stock one upside down and it works the same... I've seen this done in an EK civic but it looked like a lot of work)

I'm getting a loan from the bank to get all this done as I am not a super rich guy.... all this will prolly run me around $3-5000 and once done... i can finally rest.
If I get enought attention in the car then I will keep it... otherwise I will be ditching it for an S13 silvia project (89 S13 JDM drifter)

so anyway... is that da ish or what? or am I just crazy?
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After reading the post more thoroughly, it must be a joke.
Keep it old school and stock.........

And still buy the 240sx......
ok.. I thought it'd be fun :confused:

what's not to like? I guess people just don't like wide bodies

as far as keeping it old school.... that's pretty damn close, there isn't anything going in that car (other than the wheels) that you couldn't have put on 15 years ago other than the G2 headlights (which alot of other cars do headlight conversions, so i thought it'd be alright)
i prefer the mugen widebody, but thats me. . .from what you said, your looking at a shitload of work, and if a shop will never touch it, GOOD LUCK with everything
that is a mugen style front bumper, but they don't make the mugen kits anymore... so that's why I'm going with the widebody kit.
As far as the work, i've got this far doing the work myself, so I think I can handle another engine and another body
I say go for it. Yours will be a one of a kind first gen thats for sure.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't you just wire your car for the fuel injection, and now you're going back to carbs? Though i hear the carb setup is nets a good amount of power.
crx4luke said:
I say go for it. Yours will be a one of a kind first gen thats for sure.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't you just wire your car for the fuel injection, and now you're going back to carbs? Though i hear the carb setup is nets a good amount of power.
those aren't carbs they are quad throttle bodies for MPFI
however, my sponsor just said I can get the intake for 85% off, so about $90, so I'm going with that.

thanks tho'... at least someone can see a purpose, don't get why everyone loves to hate.... I think my car is fast enough to justify the extreme looks... how many of you guys run 13.8 in the quarter all motor with a 1.5l engin you built yourself? not many
Oh that makes more sense then. It looked like a pic of the quad carb set up i had seen before. But yeah, your crx is way faster than mine, about 2 seconds faster. Its your car, i think it'll probably look sweet. i've seen pics of your past work, and you definitely can do everything correctly, i.e. you won't take any shortcuts with it.

Do it, and to all the nay sayers....they'll just have to get over it while admiring your JDM tail lights.:D
Correct me if I am wrong but doesnt the spoon b16 have teh quad throttle bodies and it is hella fast... if you get it done good luck... how long do you figure it to take...your car might be off the road for a while...and as for attention.. you should have no trouble with those fender flares :D
what widebody is ther other then the bw for the 88-91s?
.i remember seeing the widebody kit for the first gen rex and it looked pretty damn good. you gotta post a link up that shows the actual widebody so everyone can see it again. for headlights...why not go with EF2 jdm one piece sedan headlights....i might look a little bit better?

definitely go with the quad throttle bodies....i give thumps up for that. it went turbo...that would be even much better:D
I like the setup you are going with. You will be one bad ass 1st gen, thats for sure :) Keep us posted on your progress. Love the wheels
ol'skoolrex_PH, I say go for it. if you have the $$$ (the loan isn't a good idea though) and time, why not, it'll look tite. a little over the top for me (I prefer near stock looking) but I dig the wide body thing. but, since you live in super dry socal, put some serious thought into the 240 bro, that thing will be sweet. once I finish building my house, that will be my next project for sure, unless I can find a nice (& cheap) 3rd gen rx7. good luck and keep us posted.
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