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Hi all,

Just wanted to drop my opinion on two products I tried out this weekend ... Zaino Fusion Z-PC & S100.

By the end of my detail spree, I also used Klasse AIO, Klasse SG.


Zaino ZPC

Got this green bottle from zainobro's websites ... I have Z1 & Z2 .. awesome polishes and layers real well. I've always been partial towards Klasse AIO & SG though ... found it to be noticeably better on my black paint.

Now that the season to detail is back for me , had to buy this product. The ZPC is Zaino's first Dual-Action-Cleaner-Polish (abbrasive). So far, I've been using Einzett Paint Polish and Ultra Paint Polish w/ yellow cutting pad - I think ZPC is going to replace this set for me now!

paint w/ some noticeable swirls on the door panels:

ZPC definately cleaned up the minor swirling that was the paint. What was noticeable was the squeaky clean finish after using it on the paint. It went on and off the paint very easily too.

There's no cure time necessary for ZPC since it's cleaner polish ... once you're done with it on the paint, just start layering your polish. Usually, Z2 is the best follow up polish for it .. however, I opted to go with Klasse AIO and 1 layer of SG.

I took this shot in the morning ... this includes ZPC + Klasse + 1 layer of SG:


There's some contraversy if S100 is just P21S renamed, for motorcycles. Well, from my research online, I found that there is some difference between the two. Besides the obvious bottle and name change, the product S100 has a more yellower tint ... apparently due to an extra additive for flexing. IMO, bottom line is it's half the price ($15) and can be found locally at bike shop / Harley Davidson Dealership.

I used the applicator pad that it came with and it applied real smooth and I buffed off right before it started to haze ... the results are amazing! It definately left behind a "wet" look for on the black paint. For $15, it's the best topper wax I've tried yet!

final shot:

my fav shot :) :

Hope this post was helpful to those interested in detailing!

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