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hello every one i thought i would post my latest race because i thought i would tell every one how stupid this kid is. He has a 96 VW golf and he raced my delsol SI. we raced thre times. the first time he beat me because i completely missed second i grinded so bad. the next light he started talking shit about my car. he ws like i thought it was fast with that fake SI badge on the back. but i guess there all slow. i was like lets try again he took me off the light because of my lack of tourque but i caught up before i shifted into second. i grabed second so perfect i spun the tires when i released the clutch. when he saw the tires spin i yelled out the window at him "i thought you said i was slow" as i passed him. he got a pissed off look on his face then took off. me and my friend laughed so hard after. the next night my friend and some other kids were at a spot were kids usualy gather to talk about cars. he showed up and my hood was poped. he looked at the motor and walked up to his friends and started telling them he beet me. this other kid with an older civic h\b has a gsr motor said if he could beat that wy dosent he race him the kid looked at the engine "the gsr motor" and said if i can beat that VTEC then i can beat yours. this kid thinks his 96 golf with a cat back can beat a civic h\b with a gsr motor. the gsr motor has intake, header, and cat back exaust. i thougt i would share this funny storie with all of you. just to say how fast the civic was it stayed right next to my friends modded 98 eclipse gst.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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