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My Zex kit

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I got it today..

Complete Zex Kit
With Bottle heater and Pressure gauge *manifold*

Zex kit retails at $499.95
pressure gauge-$49.81 *off of*
Bottle heater set up-$135.94 *off of*
half Tank of nitrous- $24 bucks *$48 bucks to fill it up at franklins*

Total : $709.70

and i got it for $450 :)
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I dont know :)

it was a Hook up from a Local Import Shop

HA man what car are you putting it on,i like that zex kit 2 :D if i get nos that will be the one i get.what shot are you going 2 run?
intake: nice shit man!
actually the zex kit retails at 600 not 500

and looks like you got a great deal...

the zex kits are $399 wholesale so the shop must not have been making anything off of it.

for everyone else that wants a hook up on zex kits- www.evanshondaspecialist has them for $435. which is only $35 over theyre cost, so consider that a great deal.

Hmm ive seen ZEX kits for $499.95 or $509.95 online

yeah.. Its great.. Im missing like 2 parts though..

the mounting brackets and the arming switch *which is at the import shop*

When i go let them install it.. they said they will include the missing parts.. SO im safe :)
DOPE! Welcome to the darkside buddy. :D
Yup and IM loving it :)

I nede this lil bitch installed by friday though DANG!
workin' on mine this sat! (I'm not a post whore...I just wanted to share this important information):D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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