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My1 gen project is soon finished

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Hi.. I have been vorking on my CRX dragracing project since september of last year
when I bought the car inreally bad condition.

it´s soon beeing completed & all i´m missing right now is the head (it´s away for
tuning), & the exhaust is to be hand made.

Se it at my homepage

Please give your opinion about my car.
PS: the rollcage has not yet been fitted
PS2: The rear wing is just for show.
PS3. my budget is under 2000dollars in total

Kristian, Sweden
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everything seems cool except for the wing.....=P

wats much power does that zc put down on the dyno?
PSIKOTICsi said:
everything seems cool except for the wing.....=P

wats much power does that zc put down on the dyno?

i´m, expecting around 180 + bhp
and how much hp is that here in america i forget the conversion factor sorry. that wing is intersesting. not my style. but interesting.
I love seeing 1st gen rex's they don't get the respect that is needed. On the east coast it is way to hard to find a si that is not rusted out. I hope one day to find one to restore when I go out west again. I love the boxy look of the first gen looks like a transformer from the 80's go autobots
hi there

well there is no horsepower conversion.
.. I´m really expecting the motor give at least 180 horsepower at the crank,
when it´s on the dyno in the near furure. (Stock power is at 130 hp)
There will be som movieclips of that as soon as it´s done.
The rear wing is entierly homemade out of carbonplates, but the wing
pieces themselves are of an real touring car (track race car)
I made it just to look a little like the wings used in the movie
The fast And The Furious.

The downforce of the wing isn´t very good, hence I have another
wing that I will be using on the track & at street races.


ICQ : 130096688

here´s a pic of my old car which i sold almost 3 yrs ago.
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that is like one of the sickest, coolest looking drag racing G1 in a long time. Back when I used to drag race my G1, it didn't look nearly as good as that shit does.. great job

(the wing is kinda cheezy... but I guess we can allow it.. hehehe)
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