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Mysterious Noises

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I have a 93 DelSol. started it up this morning and it started making a low not really noticable hum from under the hood. But when you push the clutch in the noise disappears. Can any1 shed some light on the situation for me? thanks
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I´ve had that problem for a long time! i still don´t know what it is!:(
hmm.. i think i may know the noise you are referring to....i had the same problem with my crx...and every other crx i've ever been in. unfortunatly..i have no idea what it is! :) if it's the same problem that i had...then eventually, the nnoise will get worse at different rpm's when your driving....but i hope that's not what it is.....good luck

i have the exact same thing sometimes too but can't say what it is, never really bothered me or worried me because my car makes so many of its own noises
i dont have a hum but a f#cking rattling noise that is bugging the hell out of me. anyone know about it. it usally happends at like acceleration or high constant rpms.
My brother had that problem. I think he fixed it with a new clutch bearing. but his did it when he was moving too so he changed a wheel bearing and that fixed it all. Hope this helps.

RedEG6C: Maybe it's an exhaust leak at the exhaust manifold gasket. When you are not getting much pressure coming out, it can leak, then when you speed up it hits its target and funnels down through the exhaust. This sometimes happens when people modify the exhaust with a full catback or a high flow cat, pulls on the header and the gasket gets warped. That's just a suggestion tho, if you asked a mechanic in person he could probably tell u in a second...

superSol: Is it possible the alarm system speaker in your engine bay is loose? I know it sounds dumb but that happened to me... just tightened the screw and those symptoms disappeared.

The last time my car hummed like that is when the clutch was going. The throw-out bearing was wearing into the pressure plate and the springs fell out of the friction plate. It was just falling apart @112,000 miles. Then I had the clutch changed out to find all this out, and the sound went away.
for real

GREDDYDELSOL- where would i find this speaker
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